Thursday, September 24, 2015

5th grade architects

We have been lucky enough to work with Architects in Schools last year and this year with this same group of students.  Last year they built a school and this year they worked on a whole city.  This program partners local architects with schools, provides the curriculum and supplies, and  lets the rest of the learning unfold.  The students are so impressed with the idea that these real life professionals take the time to teach them about their work with an amazing hands-on project.  They took them through the basics of city planning and all of the important parts that have to be there to make a city work.  The students were tasked with deciding where each building should go and most importantly... why it should go there.  There were many debates around the placement of the buildings.  It was impressive to watch the students stand up for their idea and provide supportive evidence for it.  They were respectful in their dialogue and they learned compromise.  In the end two very cool cities were built!

Many, many thanks to Architects in Schools, Jackson Galloway, and H+sp!!  We are so grateful that you took the time to help our Little Longhorns learn!!

3rd grade challenge #2 - Marshmallow and Toothpick Challenge

Third grade participated in the Marshmallow Challenge!  Their goal was to build a structure that was as tall as they could make it and could also stand up on its own.  We studied different towers from around the world and what made them strong.  They planned, shared plans, picked the best one to try first, and then built.  They discovered over time that triangles really are stronger than squares and we watched videos explaining why.  They were so inquisitive over the differences of what worked vs. what did not.  They encouraged each other as we repeated reminded each other that most great inventions don't happen on the first try.  They are really getting used to this concept and don't let the mistakes get them down for too long.  It's a wonderful process to watch as a teacher.  

Here are some photos of the building process and the presentations at the end.